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"The 'Guitar Mass,' 'Contemporary Mass,' 'Folk Mass' — whatever one wants to call it — is not exclusively the child of Vatican II. Such an assumption is a disservice to history. The Folk Mass story begins neither with folk music, nor guitars, nor even with the Council. The Folk Mass had its origins in the Church's official music: Gregorian chant. . ."

— from Keep the Fire Burning: The Folk Mass Revolution by Ken Canedo

KEN CANEDO is a liturgical composer whose songs are sung in Catholic churches around the world. Long involved with, a contemporary Catholic music website, he is the voice behind the popular weekly Liturgy Podcast and also a Spirit Spot blogger. His most recent CD is Doxology, a collection of contemporary and traditional music to honor the Most Holy Trinity. He currently serves as a youth minister and pastoral musician for parishes in Portland, Oregon.

Ken writes frequently for Today’s Liturgy magazine. His first book, Keep the Fire Burning, was just released by Pastoral Press.

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    FAITHFUL FRIEND - New song to honor
    St. Pedro Calungsod, second saint of the Philippines

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    What's on Ken's mind? Read his daily blogs on liturgy, music, faith, pop culture, and his latest books in progress.

    Ken is the host of the popular Liturgy Podcast on, a website of contemporary Catholic music. On this weekly podcast, Ken breaks open the Sunday scripture and plays song suggestions for the liturgy from the Spirit & Song repertoire. Note: Only website members can access Liturgy Podcast and other features. Membership is free and easy on this link.
    • Announcement: Ken is now a writer for Ministry & Liturgy, a long-running magazine now entering its 40th year of publication. His new monthly column, "Music and Liturgy, Legacy, Spirit" began in the February 2013 issue.
    • Latest Podcast: Chapter Ten(f): The Dameans ("All Our Joy") featuring their 2nd album Songs of the New Creation
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    Today's Quote - Keep the Fire Burning:

    “And so the Mass began, as the chapel began to rock with a sound previously unheard in the Roman liturgy. As the priest processed to the altar, every one of those 400 Extension volunteers sang 'Here We Are' at the top of their lungs. They continued at the offertory with 'Of My Hands,' followed by [Ray] Repp's haunting 'Hear, O Lord' at Communion. By the time they sang 'Forevermore' at the conclusion of Mass, there was a palpable sense of breakthrough."

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