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An Introduction to "Sing to the Lord"

The US Bishops document, Sing to the Lord: Music in Divine Worship, is an essential “owners manual” for music ministry. Yet, many parish choirs and ensembles have not read it. This workshop is a comprehensive introduction that will hopefully lead to continued discussion among parish pastoral musicians. Covered topics include: The Importance of Participation; Liturgical Roles: Choir, Psalmist, Cantor, Musicians, Assembly; Languages and Diversity; Progressive Solemnity; What to Sing and When to Sing; Sacred Silence; Liturgy Planning; and more. 

Doxology: Mystery of the Most Holy Trinity

The mystery of the Most Holy Trinity is central to each celebration of the Eucharist. The recent U.S. Bishops document, Sing to the Lord, clearly states: “Christ always invites us to enter into song, to rise above our own preoccupations, and to give our entire selves to the hymn of his Pascal Sacrifice for the honor and glory of the Most Blessed Trinity.”

This event is a morning or evening of reflection for pastoral musicians, liturgical ministers, and parishioners.  In prayer and in song, we will consider the mystery of the Trinity in our everyday lives.  Let us come to know and understand our loving God who, as Father, Son and Holy Spirit, inspires us to deepen our own relationships with each other.

From “Tantum Ergo” to “Your Grace Is Enough”: Celebrating the Intergenerational Church

The so-called generation gap need not apply to parish liturgy.  Although different age groups have distinctive approaches to music, careers, family life, and many other concerns, sociologists point out that all Catholic generations share a common strong belief in the Real Presence of Christ in the Eucharist.  How can Sunday liturgy be an affirming celebration of our intergenerational faith? 

Keep the Fire Burning: The Legacy of the Folk Mass

When the new English Mass was introduced in 1964, American Catholics were invited to participate more fully in the liturgy.  But with no tradition of congregational singing, they sang reluctantly, if at all.  That soon changed when young musicians brought their guitars and enthusiasm to the liturgy, with appealing folk songs that empowered the assembly to sing.

This event is a special presentation on Ken’s newly published book, Keep the Fire Burning, the forgotten and untold story of the Folk Mass. With a sing-along of the music of Ray Repp, Paul Quinlan, the Dameans and other classic composers, Boomers and young people will enjoy this fond remembrance of a colorful era in the American Catholic Church.  The Folk Mass planted the seeds for Contemporary Christian Music and multicultural participation.


Liturgical Ministers Day: Bringing Our Gifts to the Liturgy

When we gather for Eucharist, the gifts we bring are the way we minister to each other.  This is a morning of reflection on how we can be stewards of those gifts. Utilizing prayer, scripture sharing, and song, we will come to a deeper awareness of the role of the Holy Spirit in our call as liturgical ministers.  This session leads to smaller group discussion and formation in the various areas of liturgical ministry.


Ministry of Music: Call of the Pastoral Musician

Church musicians are weekend warriors, often going non-stop from liturgy to liturgy.  In the midst of our busy work it is easy to lose sight of the broader picture: our call as pastoral musicians. In this workshop we explore and understand this call through prayer, small group discussion and music.  We break open the structure of the Eucharistic liturgy and reflect on the role of music at each part of the Mass.  The workshop also includes practical tips and support for specific music ministries, with a generous sharing of new songs and approaches that can help enliven the participation of the assembly. 


Youth Liturgy: It’s YOUR Turn!

Teenagers want to be more involved in their Catholic community but might not know where or how to begin.  The Church invites them to deepen their faith through the sacred liturgy. Through an interactive workshop that includes music, drama, group-dynamic games, prayer, and engaging teaching, teens will discover their gifts and learn how to bring those gifts to the altar.  This is an effective first session for a larger day that allows young people to focus on particular ministries of interest, such as music, lector, usher and hospitality, environment and art, and other liturgical involvements.




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