Ken Canedo
Writings and Music

Keep the Fire Burning: The Folk Mass Revolution
This is the forgotten and untold story of the Folk Mass, the 1960s movement that brought the sound of American folk music to Roman Catholic liturgy.  A fond remembrance of a colorful era in American Catholicism, Keep the Fire Burning shows how the Folk Mass planted the seeds for the modern Catholic music industry and for Contemporary Christian Music.  

Foreword by Father Virgil Funk

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DOXOLOGY by Ken Canedo

Featuring songs that honor the Most Holy Trinity, this collection from Ken Canedo unites worshipers of all ages in a variety of styles, both traditional and modern.  Doxology -- like the Church itself -- embraces both old and new.  Designed for liturgies throughout Easter and Ordinary Time, it serves the diversity of generations that comprise the Church today.

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Love Never Fails (Ken Canedo and Jesse Manibusan)

Inspired by their long-standing friendship, their appreciation for young people and their desire to serve God and the Church through music. Ken and Jesse have joined forces to release Love Never Fails.  Only good friends could have produced such poignant and exhilarating music about relationships and the love that endures all things

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