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Ken Canedo

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Book Review: The Hymn
(journal of The Hymn Society)
by Michele Johns (Spring 2010)

"Ken Canedo details the history of the folk Mass movement from the 1960s to the present day. If you work in a Protestant church, you will be enlightened by the thread of events leading from America's turbulent 60s to the current Protestant Contemporary Christian Music scene. If you are from the Catholic perspective, you will hopefully be proud to discover how Catholic clergy and musicians brought their music through faith, sweat, tears, and prayers to an era of synthesis of style that makes very good sense."

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Book Review: Liturgy News (Australia)
by Michael Fitzpatrick (March, 2010)

"While this book traces the development of the Folk Mass and its music, it does much more than that! It is an important contribution to the history of liturgical reform in the 1960s. The Folk Mass is deeply symbolic. This music contains the collective yearnings, hopes and desires of the people of God as they re-imagined the Church through Catholic liturgy. I wonder what they would say to us today? The book comes back to the eternal question: What is liturgical music and what is its function on the liturgy?"

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Special thanks to Tom Elich, editor of Liturgy News, the quarterly bulletin of The Liturgical Commission of the Archdiocese of Brisbane in Australia, for his kind permission to reprint Michael Fitzpatrick's review.


Book Review: The Fire Is Out
by Jeffrey Tucker of New Liturgical Movement (September 20, 2009)

"For years I've search for the missing link to explain what became of Catholic liturgy by the time I came to know it. One finds old Missals in bookstores or attends the Extraordinary Form or looks back at old instructional books in music or catechesis and it is overwhelming to consider the lost knowledge, the immense chasm that separates what was from what is today. But with Ken Canedo's wonderful book, I feel as if I've found the missing link. This is the only book I know of that looks in depth at the Catholic music of the 1960s to provide an excellent empirical account of the rise of the folk music movement in the Church, a movement that was about much more than music actually. . ."

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Book Review: Keep the Fire Burning
by Susan Bailey of Grapevine (July 20, 2009)

"Ken Canedo has written an important work on what he calls “the folk mass revolution” with his debut book, Keep the Fire Burning. At first glance, this book looks like a quick and easy read but don’t be fooled: Canedo has packed each of the 140 pages with fascinating research, history and very human stories on a period in the Catholic Church which surprisingly, few have written about. Keep the Fire Burning is much more than a book about the folk mass. It is a history of the amazing transitions the Catholic Church went through before and after Vatican II during one of the most turbulent decades in recent American history. . ."

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