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Folk Mass Composers
Thank you for visiting my website. One of the most common requests I have received is: "Where can I find a recording of the Folk Mass composers?"  I'm sorry to report that most, if not all, of the original Folk Mass recordings are long out of print.  It took me years to find the records on eBay and various LP record website.  It can be done, and you can hear the tracks on my podcasts, but it will take a little detective work on your part.  Do a Google search on "LP records for sale" and then enter the composer's name in the record website's search mode. The LPs are out there, true gems all.  Good luck!

Having said that, a handful of the Folk Mass composers have rereleased their 1960s songs on compact disc. On this page I give links to websites where you may purchase their CDs.  

Also on this page are links to some composer websites. While not everyone has rereleased their music on CD, you can at least connect with them and see what they are doing today.  These composers are listed alphabetically.

I'm always on the lookout for new rereleases by the Folk Mass composers and will post my discoveries here.



Best of the Dameans CD from GIA Publications. Gary Ault tells me that the Dameans recently had a reunion. Let's hope they do that more often!


John's early FEL recordings were never issued on CD.  However, here is his website. Perhaps he can be encouraged to consider a rerelease. John went on to greater success in Contemporary Christian Music.


Although not strictly speaking a 1960s composer, I included Bob in Keep the Fire Burning because of his role as one of FEL's last composers. His early recordings with that publisher were never released on CD. Bob has been blessed with a very successful career as a Catholic liturgical composer.
Bob Hurd on


Carey's original Folk Mass recordings have not been rereleased on CD. However, as many people know, he went on to establish a successful ministry with his wife, Carol Jean Kinghorn, as a composer of catechetical music for children. Here is his page on OCP's website. Some of his early songs are available as MP3s and in sheet music.
Carey Landry on

The wonderful music and books of Sister Miriam Therese Winter are available on her website.


Jack has not rereleased his early Folk Mass records but he is very active in the Church today as a composer of catechetical music for children. Here is his page on OCP's website.
Jack Miffleton on


A few years ago, because of popular demand, Ray arranged to have his songs rereleased on CD by OCP.  
Ray Repp on

Sadly, Peter Scholtes died in the summer of 2009. His Folk Mass recordings were never reissued on CD. However, his legacy endures. Go to iTunes, do a power search on "They'll Know We Are Christians," and marvel at the number of artists who have recorded this landmark work that has become one of the most covered songs in Contemporary Christian Music.

I was regretfully not able to connect with Peter before his death, but I did discover this wonderful interview conducted by his stepdaughter for a family archive project.  It is truly moving and I am so happy to share it here.
Peter Scholtes interview


Sebastian never had an opportunity to rerelease his Folk Mass recordings.  He died in 1997.  However, OCP became the administrator of his copyrights and his page on that publisher's website has links to MP3s and sheet music of some of his most famous songs.
Sebastian Temple on


Sister Suzanne did not consider herself a Folk Mass composer but her songs had that rare ability (in the 1960s) to be performed on both guitar and organ. "I Am the Bread of Life," "The Mission Hymn," and many other songs were popular with folk choirs. Here is a link to Sister's retrospective CD of favorites from the 1960s and 70s:
Living Spirit, released by GIA.

Crossroad just recently published Sister's biography. It is a compelling read.
I Am the Bread of Life


In 1994, GIA released a retrospective CD of the most popular songs of Joe Wise:
Most Requested: Music for the Spirit

Here is a link to the Joe Wise website.
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